PnP JSCore 2.0.3 (sp-pnp-js@2.0.3)

This month's release of sp-pnp-js, 2.0.3, brings some great new functionality as well as fixes for reported issues. Instead of including lots of code samples in this blog I am linking to wiki pages - I think that is easier for folks to find and lives along side the project. Be sure to check out the developer guide and happy coding!

A Note on Sharing

I did want to mention that the sharing methods are still in beta so may change and may not work in all tenants. The shareWith, shareObject, shareObjectRaw, and unshareObject on Web seem to be the most stable so where possible target using those. If you encounter issues please do report them but understand there might not be a "fix" rather waiting for the api to stabilize in the product. Even with mixed support I wanted to get this functionality out there and available as it was an oft requested feature.

New Features

Fixes & Updates

What is the JS Core Component?

The Patterns and Practices JavaScript Core Library was created to help developers by simplifying common operations within SharePoint and the SharePoint Framework. Currently it contains a fluent API for working with the full SharePoint REST API as well as utility and helper functions. This takes the guess work out of creating REST requests, letting developers focus on the what and less on the how.

“Sharing is Caring”

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