The few, the proud, the fortunate. Microsoft Certified Architect Program

And I really do mean fortunate. On March 10th I am to embark in five weeks of some of the toughest technical training that I will do during my career. I have been to week long ramp-ups and boot-camps to help facilitate learning during my career. But this is far and above anything that I…



tech·nol·o·geist [ tek nólləgst ] (plural tech·nol·o·geists) noun   Definition: 1. method of applying technical knowledge: a method or methodology that applies technical knowledge or tools by a supposed supernatural being. [Early 21st century. < English technogeek “techology focused” < tekhnē “art, skill, super human” ]  tech·no·log·geek [ tèknə lójgeek ]adj


Why am I Intellectually Constipated?

Even though it is a great time to be a technologeist, this list is the reason why I am IC, with no cure or remedy in site. 1. Windows Vista Beta 2. Speech Server 2007 Beta3. Commerce Server 2007 Beta4. Exchange Server 12 Beta5. Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 Beta6. Office 12 Beta7. Systems…