begin the begin

this is the first post of what i intend on being a daily brain drain in order to free up some space in my mind. i have been on a cerebral enrichment program for about a year now and i am starting to get overloaded in the portion of the central nervous system that is contained in the skull. i figure if i at least put it to a blog, i can at least have some reference to it in the future. a little about myself...i am a consultant with microsoft in the communications division. i do most of my work related to db technologies. i think i have a broad skill set that makes me more dangerous to myself then others. the main purpose of this blog is to show implementations and practices of what the visionaries at ms are creating.

since i do most of my work in sql server and integrations services, this is going to be the main topic that i write about.




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  1. julie says:

    I just had to comment that i feel the same way!

    i am a home user and i cannot understand WHY my Windows Security Center refuses to allow me to update my Virus Scan through crappy McAfee! on either ends! aol nope Windows nope!

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