Model-View-ViewModel Toolkit – What happened?

Originally released in 2009, the MVVM Toolkit was intended to be an introduction to the MVVM Pattern. Although a number of people within the WPF team contributed, including John Gossman, the development was primarily done by Ivo Manolov and myself. This blog post, which is probably overdue, is intended to clarify my point of view on the project (note: not the official WPF/Microsoft point of view).

At the time we started working on the toolkit, there were a multitude of MVVM libraries in development, but few had documentation or samples, and even less were targetting people who had never tried MVVM before. We felt the ramp up needed to try MVVM and get the basics of the pattern with these libraries were such that it hindered adoption. At the same time, as a member of the WPF team, it was difficult to justify spending too much time writing libraries and templates, given we had more than enough work on the platform itself.

For that reason, we decided to invest some limited resources in developing a toolkit for VS2008, in the hope that it would justify changing the default WPF template in Visual Studio, given VS2010 was still in development. The positive outcome is that the toolkit was more successful than we had hoped, but the templates unfortunately didn't make the cut for VS2010.  I moved shortly afterwards to a different role and team; in fact, I also physically moved to a different country and a different continent.

I also wanted to say thanks to the numerous people who took the time to provide feedback. Although I realize it was far from perfect, I hope many found the VS2008 MVVM toolkit useful!

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