Mix 2010 – Silverlight – Windows Phone 7 – Expression Blend – VS 2010

Mix 2010 kicked off on a strong note today, as ScottGu made a number of announcements in his keynote. More details will likely emerge as the Mix 2010 conference progresses, but some of the highlights so far include:

  • Silverlight 4.0 RC available here.

  • Windows Phone platform tools available here.

    • VS 2010 Express

    • Windows Phone Emulator

    • Silverlight for Windows Phone

    • XNA 4.0 Game Studio

  • Expression Blend 4.0 Beta, available here.

    • Windows Phone add-in for Expression Blend 4.0 Beta available here.

    • Expression Blend SDK for Windows Phone available here.

There were a number of other announcements made already, including the Pivot control for Silverlight 4.0, which lets you slice and visualize large amounts of data in a seamless and intuitive way. Very impressive, and I'm looking forward to seeing the samples and applications developers will be creating!

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