Windows 7 Touch Development Sessions from TechEd

I had the opportunity to go to TechEd North America 2011 in Atlanta this year. Channel 9 has made all the sessions from TechEd available on their website.  Now you can listen to Ben Farmer and me discuss Windows 7 multitouch development.

In the Windows 7 Touch Application Development: Selecting the Right Platform presentation, I cover details regarding which development platform is right for your app. I include discussion of Windows Native, Silverlight, WPF, and HTML platforms along with some respective examples of shipping applications.  For your enjoyment, you can watch my demo machine crash twice. Smile We found out it was caused by the KVM screen switcher not being powered correctly.  Oh well….

In Building a Windows 7 Touch Optimized App: A Practical Guide from Design to Release, I kick off the presentation discussing a lot of the same concepts in the “Selecting the Right Platform” talk and then turn it over to Ben who does an awesome job discussing lessons learned in developing Touch optimized applications from a partner’s perspective.

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