Troubleshooting Application Compatibility Issues – Tools, Tips, and Tricks

When I need to troubleshoot a compatibility problem, there are a handful of tools that I use that are very helpful. In this post, I’ll talk about some of my favorite tools and how to use them to identify compatibility issues. Most applications do a poor job of reporting unexpected errors. A lot of times,…


Leveraging Windows 7 Client Software Logo Toolkit to Test Your Application

You may have heard of Windows 7 Software Client Logo.  Did you know that it has an automated test? Did you know the toolkit was designed to be scripted so you can add it to your testing process? In this post, I’ll walk though how you might want to leverage the logo toolkit in your…


If I’m an Administrator, Why Do I Get Access Denied?

UAC logo
UAC logo

User Account Control (UAC) can seem mysterious. After all, if I’m a member of the Administrators group, shouldn’t I have access to everything?  If you’re a developer, you’ll run into a UAC issue sooner or later.  In this post, I’ll cover the basics that every developer should know. Standard User by Default Running applications as…


What is Interactive Services Detection and Why is it Blinking at Me?

Interactive Services Detection
Interactive Services Detection

UPDATE: If you’re a Windows user trying to figure out what’s wrong with your PC, please check out my other post: Troubleshooting Interactive Services Detection. If you are a developer (or want nerdy details), please read on.     Have seen this button flashing on the taskbar? When you click on the button, you get…


Why does a High DPI Setting Make My Application Look Fuzzy and Have Clipped Text?

If you increase your DPI setting in Windows 7 (or Vista), you may notice your application doesn’t look the way you intended. What’s the Big Deal? You may say, “Nobody changes the default DPI, right?” Well, Windows 7 might. Windows 7 may increase the default DPI setting based on the resolution the video card supports. …


Where Should I Store my Data and Configuration Files if I Target Multiple OS Versions?

Over the past few releases of Windows, you may have noticed common folder locations have moved around a bit.  What should you do if you want your code to target multiple OS’s? Perhaps you are updating an application from XP to Windows 7 and wondering where those old directories went. Hopefully, this post will answer…


Solving Compatibility Issues with Internet Explorer 8’s Built-in Developer Tools

IE8 has some outstanding developer tools built-in and can be accessed by pressing F12. If you happen to be viewing this in IE8, go ahead and press F12 now. After pressing F12, you may be really excited and have stopped reading this or you may be wondering how this could help you. I’ll cover some…


Getting Started with IE8 Compatibility

I frequently get asked about IE8 compatibility.  I usually point people to the IE8 Readiness Toolkit’s developer section.  This is a good resource but there are various topics and resources that I’d like to summarize in this post. Three Browsers for the Price of One If you’re in the browser business, you need to balance…


Q: Why Doesn’t Drag-and-Drop work when my Application is Running Elevated? – A: Mandatory Integrity Control and UIPI

UAC logo
UAC logo

If you run notepad elevated (Right click | Run as Administrator), and you try and drag-and-drop a file from Windows Explorer, nothing happens. It looks like it is going to work because the pointer icon changes but the file doesn’t open. Weird, huh?   What’s Going On?   In the traditional NT Security model (prior…