Developing Compatible Applications for Windows 7 webcast

I know I could talk all day about application compatibility topics and not cover everything that can be discussed.  Here’s a one hour webcast  I did that focuses on the top issues and most confusing topics for Application Compatibility.  I do some of my favorite demos showing UAC architecture, data redirection, services isolation, and mandatory integrity control.  The target audience is for developers and testers.

Here’s the webcast: Developing Compatible Applications for Windows 7

My main goal in this presentation is to talk about moving application from XP or Vista to Windows 7 and demystify some of common problems.  I also wanted to “plug” the Application Compatibility Cookbooks.  These documents are some of the best resources for understanding what breaking changes have occurred and how to mitigate them.

Make sure to reference both cookbooks. Most of the breaking changes are in the original XP to Vista cookbook.

Moving from XP-> Vista/2008 –> Win7: “Application Compatibility Cookbook

Moving from Vista -> Win 7: “Windows 7 Application Quality Cookbook

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