Azure Security Papers

This is a list of Azure Security Paper published by the Microsoft Global Foundation Services (GFS), the team that manages and supports the Azure Data Centers.   Information Security Management System for Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure (November 2010) This paper describes the Information Security Management System program for Microsoft’s Cloud Infrastructure, as well as some of…


Azure and Patterns & Practices still apply

The fact of migrating or developing new applications on Azure provides the opportunity to review architectures, refactor code and apply best practices that we may have missed.  This is most current documentation available from the MS Patterns and Practices team: Link:  Solution Development Fundamentals Solution development fundamentals cover the cross-cutting aspects of solution development,…


Operations Manager 2007 R2 Release of the Windows Azure Application Monitoring Management Pack! Updated!

Link:  Operations Manager 2007 R2: The Windows Azure Management Pack enables you to monitor the availability and performance of applications that are running on Windows Azure. Feature Summary After configuration, the Windows Azure Management Pack offers the following functionality: Discovers Windows Azure applications. Provides status of each role instance. Collects and monitors performance information….


List of Windows Azure Service Management Tools

My friend, Guy Shahine, has a great blog post regarding the current (November 2010) list of Azure Service management Tools available. Take a look:  Enjoy, Patrick


Get the PDC 2010 Azure Presentations Downloader

You know can get the Windows Azure or any of the PDC 2010 Presentations (Both the Power Points and/or the Videos) with this fantastic tool developed by Mark DeFalco ( Link to Downloader: Peter Kellner ( as build a quick .bat file that allows you nicely rename the files to the presentation titles. Link…