"Building on Quicksand" Paper for CIDR (Conference on Innovative Database Research)

I just submitted the final (photo-ready) version of a new paper called “Building on Quicksand” to the Conference on Innovative Database Research.  This is a paper I coauthored with my friend, Dave Campbell.  We submitted an earlier version (to try to get into the conference) in October, I wrote a presentation on this for TechEd EMEA, and now…


An Interview with .NET Rocks while I Was at Barcelona Last Week

Mark Dunn of .NET Rocks asked me to do an interview at TechEd EMEA last week.  We chatted about one of my talks called “If You Have Too Much Data, then Good Enough Is Good Enough”.  The link to the interview is here. Thanks, Mark!  It was fun! – Pat


Channel 9 Just Posted an Interview with Me on the Drive to Many-Core Processors

This was filmed at TechEd NA in Orlando last June.  I received the link to the video today.  It was a nice chat with Patrick Weikle about the inevitability of Many-Core Processors and how this will inevitably drive us to parallel computation. The link is here.


I’m Doing Five Talks at TechEd EMEA Developer (Barcelona — November 10-14)

Well, those folks at TechEd EMEA continue to be nice to me.  Looks like I get to do four talks for the architecture track AND the closing general session.  It is quite an honor to be told I can make up whatever I feel like and they will let me present it. Here are the…


First You Live, Then You Die, Live Now!

I didn’t think I wanted to blog about this but it’s been rattling around inside of me so I thought I would share it! Life is short and life is precious… none of us know when our time is up and we all need to hold close what is dear to us. Monday evening, Sept…


A Wonderful Few Days at a Wedding in Chicago

Blogging on the bus again!!  This was written on August 18th and 19th but it’s taken a few weeks to get around to editing the photos…  No computer stuff in this blog, just personal fun! So, on Wednesday, August 13th, Lisa and I flew to Chicago to attend a wedding of a friend from our…


Confidence in the Cloud

So, one morning a few weeks or so ago, my colleague, Ruwen Hess,  stuck his head in my door and commented on an Article on Gmail and User Confidence he had just read.  He also pointed out a very interesting Article on the S3 failure from July 20th (which I had seen before).  Now, before…


The Emissary Design Pattern and RIAs (Rich Internet Applications)

Here is a first draft of a new presentation.   I gave it a couple of months ago just after TechEd and thought I would share it as I try to write up some of my thoughts on RIAs.  I plan to rework this a bit more and present it again at TechEd Europe.   The talk…


SeaFair in Seattle!

One last personal post and then I’ll get to the work stuff.   Last Friday we got off the ship… Saturday was moving the office with Bob… Sunday we went to a SeaFair party!!!  I’ve lived in Seattle for 14 years and never really paid any attention to SeaFair but it was a blast! So, SeaFair…


I Moved into My New Office in Building 35

So, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am starting in the SQL team this week after the one week vacation.   My friend, Bob, came over on Saturday with his pickup truck and we moved everything from building 42 to building 35.   The Microsoft moving organization always gets confused when I move myself but…