I Got My Christmas Tree Up at Work…

My office is a bit unusual...  even for Microsoft.

Anyway, during the Christmas Season, I like to add my Christmas Palm Tree that Lisa brought when she moved from Florida.   I managed to score some motif appropriate ornaments last year.   They are flamingos.


This would seem VERY out of place were it not for the rest of the office.   I have a couch, recliner, fireplace, PEZ collection (please don't send me more!!), and lots of other paraphernalia.  One of the nice things about using a laptop is that you can get rid of those pesky desks... I don't have any desk at all.

DSC01594 DSC01601

I'm quite fond of the fireplace (especially with the stocking I was given a few years back).  That is a stuffed animal (teddy bear) bear-skin rug in front of it.


The PEZ shrine has been about 15 years in the assembling and it has gotten WAY out of hand.   It takes HOURS to unpack and set up and I really, really don't want any more dispensers!

DSC01598 DSC01600

Now, the outside of the office can be noteworthy, too...  It is known as the "Place Where the Asses Hang Out"


This got started when I decapitated the stuffed animal moose (serrated knives work WAY better for decapitating stuffed animals than straight edged knives).   When I stitched up the neck and added Velcro, the neck stayed just fine but the body needed a suspension stitch since it kept coming off the plaque mounted to the wall.   This led me to starting my "Head Collection"

 DSC01596 DSC01602 DSC01597

You can notice in this last photo the two heads of vegetables, the "head of beer", and the "head" (as in the plastic toilet).   These have taken a number of years to accumulate.   I'm still working on a cylinder-head, a crack-head, and a head-of-state for my "head collection".

Finally, during my time at Amazon, they didn't give me a window in my office so I had to buy one...  The brackets for the drapes were a project by themselves!


Anyway, I thought I would show you all my office while the Christmas Tree is up... Soon, the tree will go back into storage for the New Year.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a wonderful New Year to you all!

- Pat

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