I’m a ramblin’ wreck from Georgia Tech and a helluva engineer!

This particular post has nothing to do with technology. I'm an avid college football fan and have always cheered for my alma mater, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Tonight, for the first time since I have been actively following them, we beat Clemson for the 2nd time this season (39-34) and earned a berth in the BCS Orange Bowl!! 

Not to downplay Clemson, however, as they put up a really good fight both times and it came down to who had the ball last. The first game was equally amazing to watch and ended with a field goal to beat the Tigers 30-27. This game we won on a touchdown by Jonathan Dwyer! He's the man! Speaking of the man, I think C. J. Spiller deserves to go to New York and be in the running for the Heisman. Amazing athlete who I'm sure will do well in the NFL. 

 Ok, I'm done gloating ... hopefully this will earn the ACC more respect. Now on to the Orange Bowl! 

 One more thing .. of course I can't leave Paul Johnson hanging high and dry in recognition. He has done an amazing job as head coach of GT, taking a team that went 7-5 to 9-4 and now 11-2 with a BCS berth, first appearance in the Orange Bowl since the early 60's! 

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