A look at service startup issues

I was discussing various ways to do a live debug of a strange issue with one of my colleagues and came up with an interesting option which I thought I should share here. Let’s consider we have a windows service which is causing some trouble during the startup. The trouble could be either a service…


Debugging 64-bit applications using Visual Studio 2005

A short note on this issue that I came across recently. Let’s say we are trying to debug a managed/unmanaged code in Visual Studio 2005 in a 64-bit machine. We complete the code and hit F5 (debug the application), and land up with the following error:   Error while trying to run project: Unable to…

Troubleshooting Stack Overflow Exceptions

It’s been a while since I had updated this blog and thought would discuss in general regarding the stack overflow exceptions. To troubleshoot this issue further, got hold of a simple code snippet (which would be pretty obvious once you take a look at the snippet J ) that would throw a stack overflow exception….


Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1

The much awaited service pack for Visual Studio 2005 is out! It can be downloaded from this link.    Check this link for more details on VS 2005 SP1. Fresh out of the box. Happy patching everybody J


Application crash on replacing sscanf() with sscanf_s()

Here is the typical scenario. You have upgraded your code which uses sscanf() from one of the previous versions of Visual Studio to Visual Studio .Net 2005. Building this code in VS 2005 is going to throw a warning at build time suggesting you to make use of a more secure version of this function…


Creating Program Alias

This is one feature that I use extensively and it helps me a lot in quickly firing up the tools that I use frequently. We got desktop shortcuts, start menu shortcuts for programs, but how about making use of “Run” dialog shortcuts? That is exactly what we are talking about – creating a program alias….


Debug a process which is attached to another Debugger

For any process, we can attach only one debugger at a time. We might hit upon a need to attach more than one debugger to a process for various reasons while troubleshooting/debugging an issue, some of which that I had come across are scenarios like   1)     A need to attach another debugger (WinDBG) while…


Redistributing Visual C++ Libraries

While deploying an application developed on VS 2005, we will have to make sure that the target machine has the Visual C++ libraries that are required to run this application. If we suspect that the target machine might not have the VC++ libraries already, all we need to do is redistribute the VC++ files along…


A closer look at Hello World developed using VS 2005

Okay now that I had spoken about the Hello World program, let’s take a closer look at one of the common issues that might pop-up when we run an application developed using Visual Studio .Net 2005 in a machine that does not have VS 2005 installed in it. To get this going, I created a…


Hello World

How else do I start this blog, other than doing it the programmer’s way? To all the non-programmers who are wondering what it is all about, a “Hello World” is a program that prints out “Hello World” on the display monitor, commonly used as an introductory tutorial for learning a programming language. It is usually…