Visual Basic 6 on Windows 8

For those interested and supporting legacy visual basic applications and need to install VB6 onto your windows 8.1 builds heres how: (tested with the pro-preview build which you can download, test and give us feedback -

1) run setup as administrator from the vb6 installation media
2) go through the custom setup and de-select the data access components
3) the install will go straight through and will request a restart of windows
4) after a restart, start your visual basic and confirm all works well, advised to set the program to run in administrative mode so it can write to areas of the registry
5) close it down and install the vb6 service pack 6 components which you can get from here -  (again make sure you run as administrator)
6) Once installed, restart VB6 and check the help about box to confirm you see SP6 installed

And away you go.

Please do take the time to review the support Statement for Visual Basic 6.0 running on Windows 8 

All the best with your developments - exciting things are happening with Visual studio 

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  1. Max says:

    You really got the IDE to work in Windows 8.1? For me it worked perfectly in 8.0, but under 8.1 it crashes after displaying the splash screen (this is 64-bit windows…are you running 32-bit?)

  2. Max says:

    You really got the IDE to work in Windows 8.1? For me it worked in 8.0, but under 8.1 it crashes (this is 64-bit windows…are you running 32-bit?)

  3. Bob F says:

    Installed great under 8.0 using this methodology, but with 8.1 the install announces that an .ocx (the web designer) will not install and then announces vb6 did not install (yes I ran setup as administrator). Afterwards, SP6 will not install even though vb6 is (somehow) listed as installed in Programs and Features.

  4. Steve says:

    Worked for me!  Deselecting the DataAccess components is the step I was missing.

    Now VS 2013 wants to "finish installing" every time I launch VB6 – minor annoyance.. seems ok.  Thanks for the post!

  5. Johann says:

    If you deselect the data access components, how do you access databases?  Does this mean no adodc?

  6. Rich says:

    Works like a champ.  I didn't have to install anything extra for data because (I assume) sql server and newer visual studios were installed.  Thank You so much!  Now I can use VB6 in 2014 (ugh!)

  7. alok says:

    is thi visual basic is also applicable for windows 8.1 62-bit

  8. tanzila says:

    aoa plz tell me that if I have setup of vb 6 in window 8 then how am I run and get interface of vb 6.

  9. Ivana says:

    I am having problem installing VB 6 IDE on Win 8.1. After going through all the above mentioned procedures, I’ve encountered an error message saying “VB 6 Enterprise Setup was not completed successfully”, with no explanations. Any ideas, guys? Many thanks!

  10. Pavel says:

    Follow this rules to install VS6…/Default.aspx

  11. Larry says:

    For those that are experiencing issues with win 8., do not feel alone……I found out that EVERYONE is experiencing the same crap. Microsoft screwed up. The update from win 8 to win 8.1 WILL cause windows to crash every time you run it after doing the update. It is not VB6 that is the issue!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. xytsrm2 says:

    For those installing on Windows 8.1.  Steps 1-4 above went successfully, however step-5, the installation of the service pack failed saying that "Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 SP6 product" must be installed.  Apparently, the link in step-5 is a cumulative update.  I found an MS link to the original SP6, but apparently the file is corrupted.  Fortunately, I already had previously obtained a copy of the parent SP6 "Vs6sp6B" (All though I don't know where I obtained "Vs6sp6B", here's a link I found, but not tested:…/details.aspx); it expands the contents into a user specified folder.

    Then I ran "setupsp6" from the expansion folder and SP6 was successfully installed.  I then ran the "Cumulative SP6 update" (provided in the link above) and I too successfully installed.

  13. ROGER CRUZ says:


  14. Floyd Warren says:

    This worked so wonderfully, thank you so much!!! Windows 8.1 64bit and Visual Basic 6. Never thought they could play nice together.

  15. Sten2005 says:

    The VB6 programming language seems fine on the Windows 10 technical preview too. Apps run with the runtime and the VB6 IDE installs.

  16. Allen Saffy says:

    De-select the data access components, run as admin, reboot when prompted, install the original SP6, reboot, then install the cumulative update to SP6.  Did this on Windows 8.1 Update, 64-bit, on a phyiscal machine and on a VMWare VM successfully.

  17. FortyPoundHead says:

    Ahem.  I'll just drop this here. You'll find instructions for installing VB6 on Windows 7 (all versions), Windows 8 (all versions), and Windows 10 Technical Preview (Latest Build):

  18. BAnderson says:

    Followed the instructions above, but adjusted based on Allen's comment. Based on that I was able to successfully install VB6 on Windows 8.1

  19. Good to see that VB6 programming continues on Windows 8 and Windows 10

    Will Microsoft now add the same updates to VB6 that they have already added to VBA programming ?

  20. Rick says:

    Anyone have an issue loading a project and getting the following error: MSCOMCTL.OCX could not be loaded

  21. Carlos Quintero says:

    @Rick: try:

    cd C:WindowsSysWOW64

    regtlib msdatsrc.tlb

  22. Neil De Jour the Astute Paradox says:

    Don't give up, I got it sort of working on Windows 10 Pre release. My biggest problem is getting the old files to run.

  23. Nelson says:

    I installed VB6 from the CD a few weeks ago. It hung up at a point where the screen displayed "Updating files". I stopped and restarted the install and it immediately said the installation was complete. I did NOT de-check database components, which may have had something to do with the hang-up.

    Next I installed MS Access 2007 without a hitch. My main database application uses MS Office 12.0 Access database engine object and MS Office 12.0 Object library.

    I've been working on it steady for a couple of weeks without problems.

  24. VB6 Programming says:

    An article about installing the VB6 programming IDE on Windows 10 …

  25. VB6 Programming says:

    A utility to install the VB6 programming IDE on Windows 7, 8 and 10 ……/Default.aspx

  26. Framato says:

    or This if you need only install VB6 application…/vb6extendedruntime

  27. Jake Wunude says:

    It works like Charm, in fact I don't need to install anything else all components are working without stress or manual.

  28. Rocky Faher says:

    VB6 installs just fine on 8.1 of course, but apps designed to work in the background hang the shutdown process how do we get windows to terminate such apps without direct operator intervention?

  29. Spencer Williamson says:

    Install only works if you deselect data access components!  I need those components.  Has anyone figured out how to get them installed?  Please help.  Those components install just fine on Win 7, but not on a clean Win10.

  30. Mark says:

    Alas this didn't work for me on Windows 8.1, despite creating a zero bye java dll and deslecting data components.  I'm starting to think having Visual Studio 2013 is affecting this.  Luckily I have a Windows 7 development VM on my MacBook that works.  I just fancied having VB6 on my main desktop so I could use 3 monitors.

  31. Microsoft say “Windows is committed to compatibility. The Windows compatibility team has been looking at user telemetry and reacting to feedback from Windows Insiders to ensure that existing apps work well with Windows 10. Windows 10 is designed to run Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 software programs. And yes, everyone’s favorite VB6 Runtime will continue to work, too.”

    Microsoft support VB6 on Windows 7, 8 and 10 for the lifetime of the operating system (so until at least 2025 for Windows 10).

    The support statement is here:

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