Xbox 360: Controllers R us

Boy getting an XBOX 360 is a going to be a difficult task. I'm really looking forward to finding one (hopefully before xmas) but one question thats been bugging me for some time is if I can use my 360 controller with my PC games? Well the word is that I will be able to. Straight from the xbox games and accesories folks:

The Microsoft xbox 360 controllers (wired version) will work with your PC tool (via USB)

However, if you buy the standard Xbox 360 version you will need to download a driver from windows update to make it work. Link below:

In some stores, there will also be a “PC” version of the controller which will ship with the drivers already in the pack… this will be in narrower distribution, and can be recognised by the windows logo on the packaging.

In terms of the controller build, features, responsiveness etc, both are identical.

FYI – the Xbox 360 wireless controller will NOT work with any PC

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