Needles in a Haystack

In my day to day job as a support engineer. One of the frustrating elements is dllhell scenarios and rogue registry entries. In most cases, it’s better to ask customers to head on over to windows update to ensure all the latest components and binaries are installed in their correct fashion (as well as ensuring…


Xbox 360: Controllers R us

Boy getting an XBOX 360 is a going to be a difficult task. I’m really looking forward to finding one (hopefully before xmas) but one question thats been bugging me for some time is if I can use my 360 controller with my PC games? Well the word is that I will be able to….


Search Engines Trials and Tribulations

A colleque asked me a question today. “How can I get my site listed high up on the pages of MSN search” That’s the holy grail of not just MSN but all search engine questions… You could pay an SEO (Search Engine Optimazation) to do it for you OR you could just do it yourself…


oooer, I have a Blog

Hello all, My name is Paresh Joshi but everyone calls me Josh. My mum uses Paresh when I’m about to get told off [:O]. I work at Microsofts Technical support centre In Reading (Berkshire) UK and am with the european developer support teams supporting all messaging technologies such as: Messaging Technologies ADO -EXOLEDBADO – MSDAIPPCDOEXCDOEXMWebdav/XMLCDO 1.21CDONTSAgent…