Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Overview

Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 mark the next generation of developer tools from Microsoft. Designed to address the latest needs of developers, Visual Studio and the .NET Framework deliver key innovations in the following pillars:

  • Democratizing Application Lifecycle Management
    Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) crosses many roles within an organization and traditionally not every one of the roles has been an equal player in the process. Visual Studio Team System 2010 continues to build the platform for functional equality and shared commitment across an organization’s ALM process.
  • Enabling emerging trends
    Every year the industry develops new technologies and new trends. With Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft delivers tooling and framework support for the latest innovations in application architecture, development and deployment.
  • Inspiring developer delight
    Ever since the first release of Visual Studio, Microsoft has set the bar for developer productivity and flexibility. Visual Studio 2010 continues to deliver on the core developer experience by significantly improving upon it for roles involved with the software development process.
  • Riding the next generation platform wave
    Microsoft continues to invest in the market leading operating system, productivity application and server platforms to deliver increased customer value in these offerings. With Visual Studio 2010 customers will have the tooling support needed to create amazing solutions around these technologies.
  • Breakthrough Departmental Applications
    Customers continue to build applications that span from department to the enterprise. Visual Studio 2010 will ensure development is supported across this wide spectrum of applications.

See Visual Studio 2010 in Action on Channel 9
Channel 9 has new Visual Studio Team System 2010 videos posted including an overview of new capabilities, software quality, project management and Team Foundation Server, featuring Brian Harry. Watch the videos now.
Learn More About Visual Studio Team System 2010
To learn more about the new features and capabilities in Visual Studio Team System 2010 follow the links below.

  • Modeling that Works with Code
    Powerful modeling tools are important for both defining new systems as well as discovering architectural information about existing systems. Our new modeling tools have tight integration into the actual code of the application enabling a developer or architect to use models to enforce constraints on code, as well as to explore existing code assets. Learn more.
  • Eliminating “No-Repro”
    One of the most difficult problems has always been that of the bug that can’t be reproduced – the “no repro” bug. There are a lot of factors that drive these types of bugs and we have worked to create tools to isolate the issue and enable faster fixes. Learn more.
  • Identify the Test Impact
    After making a change to the code it is critical to test the changes to prove they work as expected and to ensure no unexpected downstream effect. Test Impact Analysis helps developers quickly check-in code with confidence by running only the necessary tests. Learn more

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