Microsoft Health Common User Interface (v1.3) has shipped

Microsoft Health Common User Interface (MSCUI) v1.3 has been released to the web on and


MSCUI provides User Interface Design Guidance and Toolkit controls that address a wide range of patient safety concerns for healthcare organizations worldwide, allowing a new generation of safer, more usable and compelling health applications to be quickly and easily created.

This offering is aimed at user interface designers, application developers and patient safety experts who want to find out more about the benefits of a standardized approach to user interface design.
This is the third release of MSCUI since it was launched in July 2007.

There are 5 key elements to this new release:


  1. Announcing a new Technology Strategy moving to Silverlight 2 and Windows Presentation Foundation for all future controls, samples and demonstrators.

  2. Publication of an interactive Delivery Roadmap outlining what guidance and controls we will be developing, when and how the community can engage.

  3. Publication of new and updated Design Guidelines.

  4. Publication of a new Medications Listview control for Silverlight 2 and WPF.

  5. Launch of a new Patient Journey Demonstrator which showcases CUI design guidelines, controls and future UI concepts in a Silverlight 2 application

The Microsoft Health Common User Interface: Patient Journey Demonstrator is a rich internet application demonstrating a health care scenario across primary and secondary care settings. We have used Silverlight to create an application that shows our vision of how we see clinical systems working in the near future, providing scalable, transformable, rich views on patient data. The demonstrator also implements design guidance and controls from, ensuring that patient safety and clinical effectiveness is at the heart of the design.


Some of the things used from Silverlight include...

· Deep zoom to view complex ECG (electrocardiogram) data

· Intelligent, scaling layout

· Data-binding everywhere

· Animation and media

· Vector graphics enabling real time manipulation of chart data

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