Web App Instance Name and ARR affinity Mapping using Function App – Part-5

This Post is in continuation of Post :Web App Instance Name and ARR affinity Mapping using Function App – Part-4

as Part 5  Our next step is
Deploy the Function App code & Test It section :    

11. Download the function app from my GitHub Profile.

        it will be good idea to keep the function access level as anonymous by not using any key (function key / master key)  , you can handle it in Integrate option of function app.

12 .Based on function app  (Powershell or C# based) , accordingly choose the URL and pass-on any Web App’s name & its resource group Name which is up and running in your subscription in the   Query string / URL .       

        the URL for both type of function will be little different and it is mentioned in source code itself . Feel free to modify the code and change according to your convenience.

13 .Receive the response with Instance name & ARRAffinity mapping

  • Testing C# Based Function App : sample URL is in project code  file
  • Testing Powershell Based Function App :sample URL is in code  file

As the number of instances grow  , the time to get response will also increase , however , in C# based function app we have tried to use Async calls but still has scope for further improvement , please feel free to use the code as per requirement.

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