How to Draw WPF 3D Wireframe Graphics

 A question I periodically see on forums and discussions with WPF 3D graphics users is, “how do I draw wireframe” content for 3D. This isn’t supported out of the box, but couple strategies I would suggest are:   The out of band 3DTools library from members of the WPF 3D team includes “ScreenSpaceLines” which allows for wireframe…


XAML 3D Tools & Tech

I periodically run into queries for  tools for modelling 3D content for use with XAML. Here are some notable resources to consider: Xaml Exporter for Blender Zam3D Modeller Maya to XAML converter Viewer 3DS 3DS to XAML Converter OBJ to XAML support in Expression Blend (Mini Cube Walkthrough) In addition, there are a number of libraries for…


UIElement3D extensibility – 3D Video Carousel

Recently I’ve been working on a screencast, which goes over some advanced aspects of working with Element3D. In the meantime, this sample demonstrates WPF’s Orcas Beta 2 UIElement 3D technology, covering the essentials for how you can make your own reusable UIElement3D controls for 3D. I have two in here: A “KeepCaseUIElement3D”, a representation of a real…


Details on the 3D Earth Rendering Sample

Yesterday I posted a some screenshots of a 3D earth sample involving a mix of materials to achieve interesting visual effects. Attached is the sample application(Requires V3.5 to run), and the essential core source code, which can be placed in a new WPF project, in conjunction with a set of suitable textures. It is built to…


Combined materials for Interesting 3D Planet renderings in WPF

I have been doing experiments with the materials we provide with WPF to render an interesting facsimile of the surface of the earth. Using a collection from, I was able to achieve some nice visual effects: Demo and source is available at this post.


WPF V3.5 Beta 2 – Goodies in 3D-land!

Kurt recently put out an overview on the V3.5 interactive 3D feature additions (UIElement3D types and Viewport2DVisual3D) which are available in the new WPF V3.5 Beta 2. Give it a look!

WPF input Interop over DirectX Airspace

I’ve seen that the Airspace regions constraints have been a concern for some folks interested in using DirectX with their WPF applications. Based on this, here is a follow-up to an earlier sample I posted, this time using Layered windows to intercept input, allowing for the provision of rich WPF context menus, tooltips, and traditional mouse…


Resources for getting into WPF 3D

Periodically, I need to refer folks to good resources for ramping up on WPF 3D functionality. Here are the ones I commonly refer to: Mike Hodnick has a great, succinct WPF 3D tutorial, which is an excellent resource to get up and running with the technology. If there is any one tutorial to try- I would say…