WPF input Interop over DirectX Airspace

I’ve seen that the Airspace regions constraints have been a concern for some folks interested in using DirectX with their WPF applications. Based on this, here is a follow-up to an earlier sample I posted, this time using Layered windows to intercept input, allowing for the provision of rich WPF context menus, tooltips, and traditional mouse…


Premiere Post! WPF w/ Direct3D Shader Interop and simple databinding

Based on some questions I’ve seen on the forums, with regards to WPF on the issue of Shader use and technologies, I have decided to prepare a sample which illustrates one approach by which DirectX content can be embedded in a WPF app. In particular, I render a single Managed DirectX surface containing a simple mesh rendered…


UIElement3D extensibility – 3D Video Carousel

Recently I’ve been working on a screencast, which goes over some advanced aspects of working with Element3D. In the meantime, this sample demonstrates WPF’s Orcas Beta 2 UIElement 3D technology, covering the essentials for how you can make your own reusable UIElement3D controls for 3D. I have two in here: A “KeepCaseUIElement3D”, a representation of a real…


How to Draw WPF 3D Wireframe Graphics

 A question I periodically see on forums and discussions with WPF 3D graphics users is, “how do I draw wireframe” content for 3D. This isn’t supported out of the box, but couple strategies I would suggest are:   The out of band 3DTools library from members of the WPF 3D team includes “ScreenSpaceLines” which allows for wireframe…


Visual Verification Testing Video

As some of you may know, the TestApi library includes Visual Verification technologies for testing. If you are interested in the core patterns of this method of testing, check out this video!  


XAML 3D Tools & Tech

I periodically run into queries for  tools for modelling 3D content for use with XAML. Here are some notable resources to consider: Xaml Exporter for Blender Zam3D Modeller Maya to XAML converter Viewer 3DS 3DS to XAML Converter OBJ to XAML support in Expression Blend (Mini Cube Walkthrough) In addition, there are a number of libraries for…


Handy WPF 3D samples

An independent dev over in germany prepared some nice WPF 3D tutorials which I thought some folks might find interesting: Viewport3D in XBAP Rendering 3D Studio Models With WPF Storyboard/Input based animation All his WPF articles are posted at this location.   In addition theWPFBlog has shared a 3D carousel sample.


Details on the 3D Earth Rendering Sample

Yesterday I posted a some screenshots of a 3D earth sample involving a mix of materials to achieve interesting visual effects. Attached is the sample application(Requires V3.5 to run), and the essential core source code, which can be placed in a new WPF project, in conjunction with a set of suitable textures. It is built to…


Combined materials for Interesting 3D Planet renderings in WPF

I have been doing experiments with the materials we provide with WPF to render an interesting facsimile of the surface of the earth. Using a collection from http://planetpixelemporium.com/earth.html, I was able to achieve some nice visual effects: Demo and source is available at this post.