New SharePoint 2010 Implementers Courseware, Two Courses: Internet Sites Implementers and Enterprise Content Management Implementers

I am pleased to announce that TechNet have published two new Training Courses for Implementing SharePoint Solutions. Each of these courses contains 15 modules representing 5 days of instructor led training and each module includes video lessons, hands on labs, and a quiz. SharePoint Enterprise Content Management Implementers Course This course teaches implementers how to…


Articles about Scaling SharePoint to Large Content Database Capacity

Today we announced new scalability limits for SharePoint content databases. SharePoint 2010 implementations can make use of scale up and scale out. Scale up means increasing hardware resources available so that the software can do more. Scale out means increasing the number of servers that you are loading up and for SharePoint this also means…


Read the detail about SharePoint 2010 and Remote Blob Storage

What is Remote Blog Storage (RBS) and what can it do for me? View the second part of this SharePoint Team Blog article. Additional articles on RBS with SharePoint 2010: Plan for RBS Manage RBS Overview of RBS Install and configure RBS         Install and configure RBS with 3rd party  provider             Set a content database to…


Announcing: New Larger Content Database Size Limits and RBS Clarifications

Today we are updating the SharePoint Boundaries and Limits document on TechNet with larger content database size limits and we are clarifying the value in Remote Blob Storage (RBS). With these changes to the SharePoint software boundaries the discussion of scale limits moves to other areas such as appropriate hardware, SQL Server configuration, disk IO…


Visual Studio 2008 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services (VSEWSS) v1.3 Released

The VSeWSS v1.3 is now released and is available for download here. You should uninstall the VSeWSS 1.3 CTP and install this version. There is no difference to the project file format so Visual Studio 2008 projects using the VSeWSS format should not require any upgrading from the CTP. The tools are available in 9…


New SPDisposeCheck release available

I’ve been working on the SPDisposeCheck tool with a few other guys and we’ve just finished a new release. You will find lots more information about the new release at Roger Lamb’s blog.


Live Chats to Learn more about SharePoint with the MVP Experts

The ever popular MVP chats are back. Cross posting from here. Do you have questions about SharePoint? Want to learn more about the recently launched SharePoint 2010?  By popular request, SharePoint MVPs from around the world are participating in a live chat event about SharePoint. These Q&A events are a great opportunity to tap into…


SharePoint MVP Chats Coming Soon

Do you have questions about SharePoint 2007?  Want to learn more about SharePoint 2010?  By popular request, 28 SharePoint MVPs are participating in two live chat events about SharePoint. These events are a great opportunity to tap into the vast knowledge of these industry professionals who are regarded as the best in their field.  …


Deploying an External Content Type, Error: The default web application could not be determined

I had this error today creating an External Content Type for Business Connectivity Services (BCS) in Visual Studio 2010. I had to get help resolving it so I wanted to share the resolution. Error occurred in deployment step ‘Add Solution’: The default web application could not be determined. Set the SiteUrl property in feature BdcModelProject2_Feature1 to…


Last night’s SharePoint 2010 install troubleshooting – User cannot be found

Last night I was installing SharePoint Foundation 2010 on a Windows 7 x64 machine and I had an error which took me some time to troubleshoot, so I thought I’d share it. I already had the pre-requisites installed as per the Windows 7 SharePoint 2010 install guide on MSDN and I had a failure on the…