Where in NZ is the most .NET?

In New Zealand May is .NET Framework Survey month.  I thought it would be interesting to find out what parts of New Zealand are doing the most .NET development work measured by machines deployed from the developers home city (per capita).  So for pretty much all of yesterday (Saturday 8th May) I build a survey…


Why Whitehorse designers are not using UML

Today I read Keith Short’s why Whitehorse is not using UML?  In it he describes why the Whitehorse designers use DSL’s (Domain Specific Languages) rather than UML. Whitehorse includes the Distributed Service Designer, the Logical Infrastructure Designer and the Class Designer.  MSDN Subscribers can try the Class Designer in the Visual Studio 2005 Technology Preview available…


My Team is Hiring a .NET Developer Specialist

My group at Microsoft in New Zealand is hiring a Community focussed .NET Developer Specialist.  A .NET Developer Specialist’s time is split between supporting in-person and online developer events and working informally with leaders in the developer community.  The job spec calls for someone with a University Degree, 5-7 years of related experience and being super-excited about…


Get ready for Wide Bay

I’m sitting in a presentation about Itanium hardware from a hardware vendor.  He just told us that the .NET Framework would come in 64 bit version in Microsoft’s Wide Bay release.  Classic.


MDI Application in .NET with combining menus

A user on my local .NET mailing list was having trouble with MDI child menus not combining, so today I’ve entered this simple sample from Ken Getz and Paul Sherrifs article on the subject. The C# sample code is here. http://www.winisp.net/home/blogpics/mdiapplication.zip Is MDI Right? Personally I like the UI paradigm of Microsoft Word the best. …


Starting Point for .NET Framework Memory usage queries

Question: If, as part of our ASP.NET code, we create references to COM objects, do the (native) allocation of memory for these com objects get counted under the aspnet_wp process ?? Or are they going to be counted under, for instance InetInfo ? Answer:Yes they are counted under the ASPNET_WP process in Win2K.  You can…