What to use Windows Workflow Foundation for?

We established that Windows Workflow Foundation isn’t an end user product in a recent entry. In this entry I want to give my opinions on what software developers should be using WF for. WF is a new capability in the .NET Framework 3.0 that developers have to use in solutions that they build. After working with lots…


How does Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) compare to product X?

I get asked this question a bit from people who have heard of WF but have not read much about it. This applies to BizTalk Server 2006, Office SharePoint Server 2007, SourceCode K2, Skelta, Captaris, other BPM products, etc. Here’s how I explain it. I’ll try to avoid the million analogies that could be used…


.NET Framework 3.0 RTM at TechEd Developers in Barcelona

I’m here in Barcelona and the news is that the .NET Framework 3.0 is released. It’s available now for download targetting Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The Visual Studio extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation are also released. The download links are here. I recorded a short video of the announcement for The Virtual Side of TechEd…


New .NET Framework 3.0 training e-Clinics from Microsoft Learning

Microsoft Learning has just released online e-clinics for .NET Framework 3.0. These 2 hours premium e-clinics cover the new capabilities in .NET Framework 3.0. There is a course on Windows Presentation Foundation, one on Windows Workflow Foundation and one on Windows Communication Foundation. Each course has several different kinds of new interactive learning formats. These…


High Level White Papers on .NET Framework 3.0 Technology Published

Today marks the publication of the last in the set of overview level White Papers that David Chappell was commissioned to write on .NET Framework 3.0 technologies. We’ve all put a lot of effort into ensuring that these papers answer a software architects question “What is W*F?” David Chappell on .NET Framework 3.0 David Chappell…


Code Camp 2006 in Wellington, New Zealand

My old .NET user group is doing a code camp in April 2006. You should all go. I’m sure there’s going to be some workflow content too.


Workflow in the Holiday MSDN TV Show

Don Box and Chris Anderson show Avalon, Indigo, Workflow, an Xbox 360 controller and a nice baby grand piano in this MSDN Holidays Show. They show the workflow about half way through just before the, ahem, singing. Lotsa fun. Some other workflow articles just published: Don Box and Dharma Shukla write in MSDN Magazine about…


MapPoint Web Services Routing for New Zealand

I spent some time today trying out the MapPoint Web Services and the mapping data for New Zealand. I’ve been trying to get ASP.NET Atlas working so that the map updates seamlessly when you drag it. I can’t quite get it working so I took it out and the page just does a postback after you…


nGallery and ASP.NET Medium Trust

Today I decided to create a family photo album web site.  I settled on using nGallery (from www.nGallery.org).   The hoster I am using has a fairly locked down environment so nGallery didn’t work out of the box.  Here are the things I had to do to make it work:   My hoster has ASP.NET…


Publishing ASP.NET 1.1 App to Windows Sharepoint Services Web Site

Yesterday I built a small web site and I tried to publish it to my usual web site www.dotnetlounge.co.nz.  This site has been entirely running Windows Sharepoint Services until now.  I used Sharepoint Central Administration to exclude my virtual directory from WSS and I ran my MSI installer on the machine.  The WSS web site…