TechEd USA Talks on Office 365 Identity Management

The PowerPoint slides and recordings for TechEd US are all published now. Below are links to the Office 365 Identity Management talks that I presented and some related articles that have been published recently for more information. You can keep in touch with updates to Identity Management topics on Office 365 with this tag on the Office blogs.


TechEd US: Introduction to Microsoft Office 365 Identity Management

User management is easy in Office 365, if you just add all your users in the Office 365 admin portal—which works great for teams of less than 25 users. Larger organizations will want to use their existing user directory, and that integration can seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be, and this session provides concepts and example scenarios that make identity management in Office 365 seem easy. We discuss user synchronization and why it is important, and talk about sign-in federation and when you would want to do that. We explain a simple Active Directory Federation Services deployment for you and talk about the interoperability program that Microsoft has called Works with Office 365 – Identity.


Office Blogs: Choosing a sign-in model for Office 365

This article is an introduction to the three models for identity management in Office 365 and it provides guidance for choosing which one is right for any customer scenario.


Office Blogs: Synchronizing your directory with Office 365 is easy

This article is a primer for setting up directory synchronization for Office 365.


TechEd US: Multi-Factor Authentication for Microsoft Office 365

Multi-Factor Authentication is where a user is required to provide an account password and another form of authentication to sign-in. Office 365 now includes support for Multi-Factor Authentication where the second factor for authentication is a Cell Phone. This session describes how Office 365 customers can take advantage of Multi-Factor Authentication. It covers configuration, enrollment, and usage by users who are enabled for Multi-Factor Authentication. Best practices are included for Administrative accounts and for Office 365 assigned users, in addition to details of sign-in for Office 365 web-based applications and Office rich client applications.


Office Blogs: Announcement of Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

This article describes multi-factor authentication for Office 365 including its capabilities, availability and some future enhancements coming.


TechEd US: Microsoft Office 365 Directory Synchronization and Federation Options

You know by now that Office 365 uses Azure Active Directory and that you can synchronize accounts from your On-Premises Active Directory using the DirSync tool and you can do federated authentication using Active Directory Federation Services. This session answers many common questions about directory integration with Office 365. We also talk about three new key technologies that allow you to synchronize with non-Microsoft directories, to federate with non-Microsoft directories, and to do all of this with authentication from Office desktop client applications.

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