SharePoint Scalability Report and the SharePoint Conference 2011 Keynote Demo

We just published the Scale Test Report for Very Large Scale Document Repositories on Technet. This is all the details of the scale tests we did to help support the increases that we made in the SharePoint Limits and Boundaries document.

The first keynote demo at the SharePoint Conference 2011 used the same SharePoint farm and we've spent the last 3 weeks setting it up with SQL Server "Denali" CTP 3 for the conference.


Alternate link to the paper as the LinkId is currently broken:

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  1. Great paper! Some questions I didn't see answered in the paper – did you use Claims or NLTM authentication for SharePoint? Did you use RBS or regular SQL Databases?

    Again, very good stuff.

  2. Paul Andrew says:

    We used NTLM auth and regular SQL Databases. In the test lab we didn't have any use of claims or RBS.


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