Platformer Move Left Glitch Fix

I have been trying out code samples on Windows Phone. The platformer game sample moves a player left and right by tilting the phone in the direction to travel. The sample code as published on 10/4/2011 has a problem where the player gets stuck when you tilt to move left until you tilt a lot…


Video published of the Full Farm Failover demo in the SharePoint 2011 Conference Keynote

You can watch the demo that I worked on here: Skip through to 42 minutes to see the 10 minute demo. Watch as SharePoint 2010 handles the network cable to the SQL Server being disconnected and fails over to a secondary SQL Server machine thanks to SQL “Denali” Always On.  


SharePoint Scalability Report and the SharePoint Conference 2011 Keynote Demo

We just published the Scale Test Report for Very Large Scale Document Repositories on Technet. This is all the details of the scale tests we did to help support the increases that we made in the SharePoint Limits and Boundaries document. The first keynote demo at the SharePoint Conference 2011 used the same SharePoint farm…