Chat with the SharePoint MVP Experts

Do you have tough technical questions regarding SharePoint for which you're seeking answers? Do you want to tap into the deep knowledge of the talented Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals? The SharePoint MVPs are the same people you see in the technical community as authors, speakers, user group leaders and answerers in the MSDN forums. This is the first time we have brought these experts together as a collective group to answer your questions live. So please join us and bring on the questions! This chat will cover WSS, MOSS and the SharePoint 2010 beta. Topics include setup and administration, design, development and general questions.

The following MVPs will be sharing their time and expertise with the SharePoint community for our first of what we hope will be several chats:  Andrew Connell, Becky Bertram, Brendon Schwartz, Dan Attis, Daniel Larson, Darrin Bishop, John Ross, Matthew McDermott, Mike Oryszak, Paul Galvin, Paul Schaeflein, Randy Drisgill, and Rob Foster.

When:  March 15, 2010

Time:  9:00 am PDT

Where:  MSDN Chat Room

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Comments (3)
  1. Annu says:

    Hi Paul

    I am working on silverlight 3.0 with sharepoint 2010 and getting following error while adding SP Security following code snippet



                   listSoapClient.UpdateListItems("Ideas", element);


    Can u please help to resolve this

    Microsoft SharePoint is not supported with version 4.0.21006.1 of the Microsoft .Net


  2. Joanne Lovett says:

    Sorry I missed this event.  I have questions and want to know when the next Chat will be hosted?  Any input is appreciated.

  3. Paul Andrew says:

    Hi Annu,

    You can only use .NET 3.5 code when you are calling SharePoint Server 2010 APIs. In Silverlight 3.0 you can use the SharePoint Client OM which is not subject to this limitation and can be .NET 4.



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