SharePoint 2010 List Schema Designer for Visual Studio 2010 published

Today we published a code sample that implements a List Schema Designer for Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint projects. This is available as sample code that you can reference for your own designers or you can build and use yourself. You can get the version for Visual Studio 2010 beta here.

The extension adds an “Open in Designer” right menu command to list schema project items. Here’s what the designer looks like.


Please send me feedback on the designer. We will do some more work on this and publish an update for the release of Visual Studio 2010.

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  1. Wictor says:

    Great functionality, just wish it had the same look and feel as the rest of VS2010.

  2. When I open the solution/project I get an error:

    The project type is not supported by this installation.

    My visual studio version is the current beta: 10.0.21006.1B2Rel

    Do I need some extensions?

  3. Bjørn Kjetil Lie says:

    No vsix file in the SharePointListSchemaDesigner_20100111.msi downloaded now.


  4. Daniel says:

    I downloaded the MSI (no VSIX as the instructions say) via that link, and it installs correctly, but there is no "Open in Designer" option when I right-click the list definition or Schema.xml.

    Please provide more documentation about how to get this working.

  5. Peter Holpar says:


    After you install the MSI, it will be simply extracted to a folder like

    C:Program Files (x86)MicrosoftSharePointListSchemaDesigner

    Look for the  file called, and extract its content that is the solution you have to work with (build / deploy).


    The project is a designer that requires the Visual Studio 2010 SDK to be installed to have the correct project type. It’s clearly stated in the DesignerReadMe_Beta documents:

    "The first step to building a designer for this framework is to download and install the Visual Studio 2010 SDK.   You will need this for the SDK templates and tools."

    Install VsSDK_sfx.exe from your VS install media.

    Hope that helps others.


  6. Peter Holpar says:


    You should first build the project, then look for SharePointDesignerPkg.vsix in the binDebug folder. Double click it to install the package. Then configure VS as shown on Figure 1 in documentation. Then restart VS to be sure, and see the designer in VS Tools / Extensions Manager. The new designer must be there, and if you right click on a list definition you should be able to use the Open with Designer menu.


  7. Kenedy says:


    this designer looks useful but the project failed to compile on VS2010RC (some change in SDK since beta?)

    ‘Microsoft.Samples.VisualStudio.SharePoint.VSXmlModel’ does not implement inherited abstract member ‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.XmlEditor.XmlModel.SaveActionOnDispose.get’

    Is there going to be version for RC or am I doing something wrong? Or perhaps is it already incorporated in VS2010RC and I just haven’t found it?

    Thanks in advance

  8. Bjørn Kjetil Lie says:

    Ok I will compile it myself.

    But…. Why don’t just have the vsix file precomplied in the download.

    Anny reasons for that?

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