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Wow, we disclosed all the new features of SharePoint 2010 yesterday at the SharePoint Conference. I spent my day rehearsing my demos, then sitting in the front row of the keynote, then giving my talk, then standing at the SharePoint booth in the exhibit hall, then at a function for SharePoint MVPs. I didn’t go running in the morning like Steve Ballmer did.

Microsoft is making a significant investment for Developers in SharePoint 2010 and you will see it’s much more a focus than before. Here are some of the places you can read about developer information for SharePoint 2010.

Overview of SharePoint 2010 for Developers presented by me.

The SharePoint 2010 Developer Evaluation Guide and six walkthroughs.

A complete online eLearning Course for SharePoint Developer including Videos, Hands on Labs and Code Samples. Note: Since SharePoint 2010 is not yet available, you cannot do the hands on labs yet.  

A whitepaper by David Chappell describing the SharePoint 2010 Developer Platform.

A giant wall poster you can print showing the breadth of the SharePoint 2010 Developer Platform.

A learning plan for Developers and IT Professionals on SharePoint 2010.

The MSDN SDK online for SharePoint 2010.

Some brief overview videos from Microsoft Learning on SharePoint 2010.

MSDN Discussion Forum for SharePoint 2010.

An article on upgrading code from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010.

Details of how to install SharePoint 2010 for developers on Windows 7:

The Public Beta of SharePoint 2010 will be available in November 2009.

Comments (6)

  1. Jomit says:

    Thanks for all these links Paul,

    Being invovled in the creation of site I was really pleased with all the advacements made into the entire SharePoint eco system for Developers

  2. Will there be SharePoint 2010 developer certification exams?  Looking at the learning plan, I only saw IT Pro exams.

    Will there be practice exams available from the major vendors?  Try finding a practice exam for the WSS 3.0 dev exam, for example.  Is Microsoft doing anything to encourage the practice exam vendors to address this?

  3. Paul Andrew says:

    Hi Michael,

    The Developer certification exams are on the second page of the learning plan.

    I don’t know of any work Microsoft has ever done to encourage practice exams.



  4. Suman says:

    Please let me know when SharePoint 2010 will available for public

  5. Paul Andrew says:

    Hi Suman,

    It will be available as a public beta in November 2009 and will be released in the first half of 2010.



  6. Brad Maust says:

    Regarding the 70-541 exam (WSS 3.0 Application Development), the decent, quality resources available are sparse. Another route is to watch videos and PowerPoint presentations on the topics and objectives.  I like LearnDevNow and find the price to be well worth it.  Also, Pilothouse Consulting is probably hands-down the best resource for training videos.

    Soon, if I have anything to do with it, there will be at least one MCTS/MCITP Training Kit for SharePoint 2010 by Microsoft Press. The next release has only grown in feature areas, depth, and breadth so there will undoubtedably be several exams and possibly specialty (elective) exams like the MCSE was with mail and/or database.

    As for practice exams, they’re a mixed bag.

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