Microsoft SharePoint Developer Forum Challenge – March, April and May 2009

We want you to answer other peoples questions in the MSDN SharePoint Developer Forum. For the months of March, April and May during 2009 we are running a little challenge for people answering questions on the MSDN SharePoint Developer Forum. For each month an entry means a portfolio of at least ten (10) valid answers posted to the Microsoft SharePoint Developer Forum.

The forum is here:

What are the prizes?
Each month during the Promotion Period, we’ll award the following prizes.
1st Prize - a 120GB Zune
2nd Prize - an Xbox 360 Arcade
3rd, 4th, 5th Prize - a 7” SharePoint Branded Digital Photo Frame

How do I enter?
If you wish to participate in this Contest, you must FIRST register before the close of the Monthly Prize Period you are entering by sending an e-mail to that conforms to the following requirements:

The subject line of your e-mail must read – ‘Forum Promotion’
1. The body of your  e-mail must contain the following information:
2. First and last name.
3. Email address
4. Forum sign-in name, which we’ll use to identify your answers.

This is a skill based contest. Must be 18 years or older. Challenge open only to legal residents of Canada (excluding Quebec) or the 50 US states or DC who have technical programming education, experience and/or knowledge necessary to use SharePoint Proucts and Technologies. Challenge ends May 31, 2009.  For full details, see official rules including eligibility, entry requirements and judging criteria published here.

Comments (7)
  1. We want you to answer other peoples questions in the MSDN SharePoint Developer Forum. For the months

  2. MikeBirty says:

    Boo for it not including us Brits!

  3. Huge thank you to you guys for doing this.

    I know that everyone in the community will appreciate this, and I hope if it is successful it will be repeated many times. 😀

  4. prasadsm says:


    Why cant the Indians join the contest?

    Plz allow us to participate.


    Prasad Punneri

  5. Interesting Contest but why it is restricted to US & Canada?

  6. Jody says:

    So I’m guessing from Microsoft’s point of view only the US and DC, and Canada (excluding those French people in Quebec) are the only ones they care about….  When is the rest of the world going to get free stuff????

    I think everyone should answer the forum questions before any US and DC resident or the non French quarter Canadians.  Now that would be funny.

    Shame on Microsoft.

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