Module 6 – Code Snippets: Accessing External Data with Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2010

The following code snippets are taken from a demonstration video included in Module 6 of the Getting Started Course for SharePoint 2010 Developers ( This first snippet defines a simple class that was used in the demo. This class is used to represent the Customer entity, and contains public properties that match the columns in…


Sharing VSeWSS experiences

Clyde Barretto has shared his experiences getting started with the Visual Studio 2008 extensions for SharePoint here. Maybe this will help someone else.


Super Short Summary of my SharePoint Conference Talk

My talk at the SharePoint Conference 2009 was The Overview of the SharePoint 2010 Developer Platform. Here are the things that I talked about. I only had 75 minutes including demos but for each of these great new features for Developers we have drill down talks at the show this week. Development on Windows 7…


SharePoint 2010 Developer Content Published

Wow, we disclosed all the new features of SharePoint 2010 yesterday at the SharePoint Conference. I spent my day rehearsing my demos, then sitting in the front row of the keynote, then giving my talk, then standing at the SharePoint booth in the exhibit hall, then at a function for SharePoint MVPs. I didn’t go…


Module 9 – Code Snippets: Sandboxed Solutions for Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

The following example shows code that attempts to run in a sandboxed solutuon. There are four buttons, each of which attempt a different type of action, as follows:  – renderWebInfo_Click: This operation will be allowed to run in the sandbox.  – renderWebInfoElevated_Click: This operation will not be allowed to run in the sandbox. The sandbox will…


Module 10 – Code Snippets: Creating Dialogs and Ribbon Controls for SharePoint 2010

The following markup is a simple example of how to add a control to the Site Actions menu. This example adds a menu item that navigates the user directly to the Solutions Gallery, without requiring them to go to the Site Settings page first:  <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?><Elements xmlns=””>  <CustomAction Id=”NewUIActionsMenu”    GroupId=”SiteActions”    Location=”Microsoft.SharePoint.StandardMenu”    Sequence=”1970″    Title=”Manage Solutions”>    <UrlAction Url=”/_catalogs/solutions/Forms/AllItems.aspx” /> …


Module 8 – Code Snippets: Creating Silverlight User Interfaces for SharePoint 2010 Solutions

The following code shows how to use the SharePoint client object model in a Silverlight application. The code performs the following actions in the Silverlight application:  – Obtains a reference to the current SharePoint site in the application’s APP.XAML file  – Updates a progress bar and status label in real time, based on accessing and retrieving data from…


Module 7 – Code Snippets: Developing Business Processes with SharePoint 2010 Workflows

The following code shows how to return data from a workflow initiation form to the workflow.Note: This code relies on there being an ASP.NET TextBox on the initiation form named MaxPrice. Note also that the code snippet that follows this one uses the data returned. namespace ApproveRejectProducts.Workflow1{  public partial class GetMaxPrice : LayoutsPageBase  {    protected void Page_Load(object…