New SharePoint Site Published – WorleyParsons was developed by SSW - Sydney Web Design.

But it's not just any SharePoint site. The team who built it tried some enterprising new development practices for streamlining their application lifecycle management with Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio 2008 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Designer 2007.

I'm hoping they will write up some of their learnings shortly.

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  1. was developed by SSW Sydney Web Design. But it’s not just any SharePoint site.

  2. was developed by SSW Sydney Web Design. But it's not just any SharePoint site

  3. It’s a nice looking site: definitely a great example of what could be achieved using MOSS 2007. It’s great to see that the designers took care of making the content of the site accessible when the JavaScript is disabled. The experience could’ve been improved if SSW added skiplinks to the page. Main menu is rather large and skipping through it while using assistive technology might be annoying.

    Pitty to see that while it’s obvious that the designers did a great job to provide rich experience they didn’t take care of valid HTML. IMHO it would definitely make the WorleyParsons a great case of WCM in MOSS 2007.

    I hope that the guys from SSW will activate the LockDownFeature, by the way.

  4. Gavin Wall says:

    Gotta love that LockDown feature…. I made sure it was activated before we went live with the site, and tested it, but it looks like with the zone changes and alternate access mapping changes prior to go live it went a bit screwy, and I needed to toggle anonymous access on and off again in order for the feature to work properly again.

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