New Introductory SharePoint web site for .NET Developers

Woo hoo. We launched this week to coincide with TechEd Developers in Orlando, Florida. There's lots of material for .NET developers who want to see what building applications on SharePoint is like up there.

Please send me any feedback as comment on my blog about the MSSharePointDeveloper site. I would be pleased to hear what people think about it and any feedback or corrections you can think of.

The new content is all on Visual Studio 2005. It will all be the same on Visual Studio 2008 since the Visual Studio extensions for SharePoint are the same on both versions of Visual Studio.

Visual Studio 2008 extensions for SharePoint has just released today, so you can get that to do the hands on labs if you want also.

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  1. Anshulee says:

    Can u pls check the url.

    Its not opening…

  2. Woo hoo. We launched this week to coincide with TechEd Developers in

  3. Vincent says:

    Paul, the Url does not work 🙁

  4. Paul says:

    And a 64bits version?

    When will it be avaiable?


  5. Paul Andrew says:

    Sorry about the URL. Must have been really late at night when I posted this. I’ve been working on this proiject for 5 months, but still managed to put an s on the end of the correct URL. It’s corrected now in the blog post.



  6. Paul Andrew says:

    Hi 64bits,

    We don’t have a planned release on 64 bit right now. But you can succesfully work in a mixed environment. Assuming you have just 3 machines DEV, TEST and PROD. You would run TEST and PROD on x64 and DEV on x86. Since all of the outputs from the DEV machine are .NET assemblies they are architecture independent and don’t need any special compilation for x64. So the transition should be transparent. Testing is recommended though before publishing to x86.



  7. kommundsen says:

    No 64-bit… That’s a showstopper for our part.

    What a shame 😐

  8. Rob Windsor says:

    My machine hangs at random points when Silverlight is installed. I have to reboot several times a day when doing normal browsing. From my searches on the web many other people are having the same problem.

    You should provide alternate content for those who can’t or do not wish to install it.

  9. Paul Andrew says:

    Hi Rob,

    We intended to have an HTML view of the content also  but it was delayed. If you have problems getting any specific content let me know, I could blog the main items if needed.



  10. Woo hoo. We launched this week to coincide with TechEd Developers in

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