SharePoint is a Great Development Platform

I think it's great because it extends .NET with the same API's and the same Developer Tools. It's great because it has lots of end user functionality out of the box for developers to extend. It's great at being an Office content server and integrating with Word, Excel and other client applications. It's great because it offers an enterprise capable web application development environment.

My opinion, maybe I'm biased, but this guy doesn't work for Microsoft. He's got the right idea:,guid,d06bde93-9fa9-4381-af42-0ee9d1330d63.aspx

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  1. I think it’s great because it extends .NET with the same API’s and the same Developer Tools. It’s great

  2. Kevin Daly says:

    True, but the need for a copy of Win2K(3-8) to run it on is still a limiting factor.

  3. Pavel Minaev says:

    If only one didn’t need to jump through endless hoops to extend it, and just write stuff the same (convenient) way as we can for plain ASP.NET…

  4. Charles Chen says:


    Agreed.  It’s not entirely clear to me why WSS (I can kinda see some reasoning with MOSS) can’t be installed on XP with SQL Server Express.  No clear technical reason comes to mind.

    And yet, it would seem like having it available for "free" to a larger audience of developers would ultimately aid in adoption and creation of more SharePoint add-ins (web parts, layout pages apps, and so on) as well as a greater community of developers for support.

    The barrier to entry with SharePoint development is currently just too high considering the cost of a server and database server license.

    – Chuck

  5. Paul Andrew says:

    Hey There

    Kevin, grab the Windows Server license from your MSDN Subscription.

    Pavel, tell me about the hoops you see. We’re keen to help resolve them in one way or another.

    Chuck, you do not require SQL Server for a WSS install. Yes the server OS is required but it can work with an internal SQL isntance.



  6. Sadly, it is not to be. We cannot send an email with attachments from a SharePoint Designer workflow

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