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I joined the SharePoint Product Management team at Microsoft in late November 2007 and I've been learning lots about software development on the SharePoint Developer Platform. My new job is Sr. Technical Product Manager for SharePoint Developer.

I think this new work will be a lot of fun and I'll be working with some great people. I'm planning to focus on these areas:

  • Getting customer feedback on SharePoint Development
  • Making the SharePoint developer platform more accessible to and easier to get started with for .NET developers
  • Getting more best practice content published on SharePoint Development
  • Speaking at various events on SharePoint Development topics
  • Working with the dev team. I've spent some time already working with the team on VSeWSS 1.1
  • Hanging out on the SharePoint Developer MSDN Forum:

If you think there's something we could do better related to SharePoint Developer or a best practice that needs writing up then please make comments through my blog.

I'll still be doing some work with Windows Workflow Foundation because workflow is a pretty big part of SharePoint Development.

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  1. I joined the SharePoint Product Management team at Microsoft in late November 2007 and I’ve been learning

  2. I joined the SharePoint Product Management team at Microsoft in late November 2007 and I've been

  3. Kevin Daly says:


    Sharepoint development is very tempting (all the cool kids are doing it), but it’s hard to get into without being able to do it on a workstation…apart from anything else, some people get funny about installing developer tools on servers.

    Virtualisation is one option, but then there’s extra OS licences and memory to worry about. Sigh.

    A Developer Edition of Sharepoint Services that could be installed on any .NET 3.0 environment would help things along no end (the logic is really the same as for having IIS on workstations).

  4. Kirk Jackson says:

    Congrats Paul! I wondered what you were up to…

    Must be time for you to update your blog banner 🙂


  5. Chip says:

    I’d like to say that VSeWSS has made some great strides toward easing the friction that exists for  developers adopting sharepoint. There are two last hurdles for mainstream sharepoint development. The Server OS requirement for development (as Kevin mentioned) and the Code-Beside model.

  6. Paul Andrew says:

    Thanks Kirk, fixed the blog banner.

    Hi Kevin and Chip, thanks for the feedback. I’ve actually heard of these issues already and they’re on my list. Some will take a while to improve, but please keep the suggestions coming.


  7. X says:

    Hi – any recommendations for WF bloggers now you’ve moved on? 🙂

  8. Kanwal says:

    Congrats on your placement!   The SharePoint community is looking forward to seeing the great things that come from the SharePoint team!

  9. Oisin Grehan says:

    Please make sure due attention is paid to supporting people who are developing on a 64bit platform. This is only get more painful as people come to realise that MOSS on a 32bit platform does not scale (due to memory constraints) as well as we’d like.

  10. serge luca says:

    So glad to see you working with the sharepoint team !!! You did a good job with the WF team


  11. Paul Andrew says:

    Hi X,

    This is a reasonable place to catch up with WF blogs.

    Thanks Serge and Oisin,

    Yep lots of scope for making an impact in SharePoint Development.  



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