Real World SOA using WCF and WF – My talk at VS Live San Francisco

I gave this talk at VS Live in San Francisco today. The slides are available here.

The concept behind the talk is that SOA is a style of enterprise architecture which can be implemented using WCF and WF. The talk describes SOA's place in the enterprise and how it can be used to relate IT to the Business. After a discussion of how SOA can improve the integration between IT and business by means of this middle-out approach the talk describes Microsoft technologies that help implement SOA. BizTalk Server 2006 and the .NET Framework are both considered and recommendations are made for a number of common enterprise scenarios. The talk further describes Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation in overview and discusses the future of the .NET Framework.

The demo I showed is available here.

PS: I'm blogging today in Roger Sessions fashion from a coffee shop (see COM+ and the Battle for the Middle Tier). This place called 'wichcraft in San Francisco has high speed free Wifi for customers and it's half way between my hotel and the conference center. I may be here a lot over the next few days 🙂

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  1. I gave this talk at VS Live in San Francisco today. The slides are available here . The concept behind

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  3. Ralf Grenzing says:

    Cool! Thanks for sharing!

    I guess a recording of your presentatioan is not availible?

    still in hope 😉

    Ralf Grenzing

  4. Well sometimes you hear things you don’t like, I got an email from someody stating that BizTalk would

  5. Excellent presentation. I mentioned it on my blog.

  6. Paul Andrew says:

    Hi Ralf,

    The video will only be available for VS Live conference attendees.

    Perhaps I will get to give this talk again somewhere soon. It was an interesting topic to research and present.



  7. serge luca says:

    great slides; great overview of the future


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