Microsoft provides BPEL 2.0 in WF – BPEL for Windows Workflow Foundation March CTP

In March 2007 Microsoft plans to release a CTP of a set of BPEL activities for Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). This will be called BPEL for Windows Workflow Foundation March CTP and the CTP release will implement the BPEL 1.1 specification. The final release of BPEL for Windows Workflow Foundation will implement the OASIS BPEL 2.0 standard and is planned for release in Q4 of calendar year 2007.


The download will be separate from the .NET Framework and it will be required for developing BPEL based workflows in Visual Studio. The same download will provide runtime operations for executing BPEL based workflows. It will include a set of BPEL activities for Windows Workflow Foundation that will implement the BPEL standard. Import and export tools are provided so that BPEL can be loaded into the XAML format used by Windows Workflow Foundation and vice versa. Visual Studio is not required for the import/export but developers will benefit from using the workflow designer that runs in Visual Studio 2005.


This release shows the extensibility in Windows Workflow Foundation. No changes were required to the Windows Workflow Foundation codebase to support these new activities and other Domain Specific Languages (DSL's) could be also implemented on Windows Workflow Foundation through this extensibility.


How does this announcement affect the support for BPEL in BizTalk Server?


The next major version of BizTalk Server will be built on Windows Workflow Foundation. This was announced back when Windows Workflow Foundation was first disclosed in September 2005. BizTalk Server will be able to take advantage of these BPEL activities at that time to also allow for BPEL 2.0 support. At that time both Windows Workflow Foundation and BizTalk Server will support BPEL 2.0.

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  1. In March 2007 Microsoft plans to release a CTP of a set of BPEL activities for Windows Workflow Foundation

  2. Come segnalato in questo post , a marzo dovrebbe essere resa disponibile una CTP di una serie di activity

  3. edecker says:

    Is there planned support for performing a services orchestration with WF, BPEL, and WCF? As I understand it part of the WSDL standard is that the BPEL XML could travel as part of the WSDL header which indicates a releationship with WCF.  How could this be accomplished.  

  4. Sin duda, una buena noticia, Paul Andrew Program Manager de Windows Workflow Foundaiton, acaba de anunciar

  5. Paul Andrew says:

    Hi edecker,

    Yes we are doing this. In .NET 3.0 we have ASMX web services support and these are enabled in the BPEL activities that will be in CTP shortly. For .NET 3.5 which is coming with Visual Studio "Orcas" we are building activities for WCF.

    Right now you can see community built samples for WCF activities which I recently blogged about.



  6. If you haven’t already heard about it , Microsoft will soon be releasing a BPEL 1.1 activity library

  7. Hi Paul,

    Very good news. Microsoft is doing a great job with WF and WCF.

    Do you have any news about workflow having support to BPMN specifications?

    I’ll build a tool where my clients can create workflows, but the workflow need to be showed in BPMN specification…So I’ll parse the XOML, from a State-machine workflow, to a BPMN workflow.

    Probably it will be hard…

  8. There are a few common questions I usually get when I talk about workflow: That’s great, but I can’t

  9. Paul Andrew says:

    Hello dfoliveira,

    I think BPMN is pretty interesting and certainly WF extensibility allows for an implementation without changing the base platform. This is what we’re doing with BPEL, we’re just using the built in extensibility to provide these activities. We didn’t have to change the base WF runtime.

    We don’t currently have any plans to comment on for BPMN. I think it would be entirely possible for some third party to implement this on WF. These BPEL activities help proove that.



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  11. Daniel_Karlsson says:

    Great stuff, looking forward to the CTP

  12. Windows Workflow will be enhanced with extensions to support BPEL, a standard to create interoperable

  13. Noe av styrken til WF kommer til syne når man nå legger til BPEL 2.0 støtte uten endringer i WF kodebasen.

  14. Paul Andrew says:

    As I predicted last month , the March 2007 CTP for our BPEL activities for Windows Workflow Foundation

  15. Back in February, Paul Andrew (Technical Product Manager of WF) has announced that this march we will

  16. Kailash says:

    crosslinked your entry on my blog

  17. Check out Paul Andrew’s latest post on BPEL for Windows Workflow Foundation Paul is a Windows Workflow

  18. Before we get to the point that WCF+WF Orcas (Silver) is released, some other WCF and WF related releases

  19. Sorry, this entry’s written only Japanese. こんにちは。 今日は、今年の2月末に発表された Windows Workflow Foundation (以下、WF)

  20. Nino says:

    Ero gia a conoscienza che la prossima major version di Biztalk avrebbe del tutto integrato WF, ma quale

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