Glenn Block digs into workflow properties

Check Glenn’s post on implementing WF properties:


ArcCast Windows Workflow Foundation Talk with Ron Jacobs

Matt Winkler and I recorded an ArcCast discussion with Ron Jacobs recently. Published on Skyscrapr Published on Channel 9 Shoot over to Matt’s blog where he tells the story of why we sound so well rehearsed on this recording. I had to go check on to learn the meaning of the word ‘extemporaneously’. OED says…


New WF Book – K. Scott Allen

K. Scott Allen has written a book to publish this month, but not quite yet, on Windows Workflow Foundation. Can’t wait to see it.


Learn about workflow in Windows SharePoint Services version 3

Windows SharePoint Services version 3 is a useful option for a host for building workflows on Windows Workflow Foundation. They implement a host and their own persistence service and tracking service which are aligned with the SharePoint data store. There’s a whitepaper available describing both Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. My friend Ian Morrish…


Windows Workflow Foundation and Visual Basic .NET

The Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) runtime supports all CLS compliant programming languages. The Visual Studio 2005 extensions for WF are only provided for C# and Visual Basic .NET. It’s easy to find C# samples to get started. Here’s some pointers to samples for getting started with Windows Workflow Foundation in Visual Basic .NET. Hands on Labs in…