Momentum is building for workflow-enabled software

Previously I’ve posted about customers engaging with the WF TAP program. TAP is Technology Adoption Program and it was a program that we started for a small select group of customers when WF wasn’t even named. I’ve posted about Six Microsoft products that are using or planning to use WF. I’ve also posted about the case studies that we’ve started producing from customers who have successfully deployed a WF based system into production.

There are a lot more case studies coming to help you decide whether WF is for your project. And now we also have the .NET FX3 Showcase site. It has 41 customers so far who are using .NET Framework 3.0 technologies including 23 who are using WF. Check it out and if you have completed a project using WF, submit it for others to see.

If that makes you want to try out WF for use in your software application you might like to read Josh Smiths introductory article on Code Project.

Just after I posted this I was notified that the Common Engineering Criteria for 2008 has been released. It includes the following requirement for use of Windows Workflow Foundation so expect to see more Microsoft products picking up this technology.


All server products implementing workflow must use Windows Workflow Foundation engine and model for workflow features. For more information on Windows Workflow Foundation check”

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  1. Previously I’ve posted about customers engaging with the WF TAP program . TAP is Technology Adoption

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