Be part of the .NET Framework 3.0 Showcase Site

Have you built a solution that uses the new .NET Framework 3.0 technologies WPF, WF, WCF or CardSpace? Microsoft is seeking a proposal to showcase your solution on the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 to a worldwide audience. Now is the time to have Microsoft do some work for you, and help tell your story while…


Extending the WF publish as Web Service, or get rid of

If you have been using Windows Workflow Foundation to build web service business logic, you may be using the publish-as-web-service tool that is part of the Visual Studio extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation. How it works is if you have a workflow model defined in a Visual Studio project you can right click on the…


Ten Reasons why WF is not a Toy

Harry Pierson blogged about his opinion that the WF persistence service is a toy and the WF web services implementation is a toy. He points out some specific issues that he has with these parts of WF but he hasn’t given the full story and not all of his facts are right. Here’s the areas…


People are building software with Windows Workflow Foundation

Here’s a report that Quest software is workflow-enabling Active Roles Server. It already has workflow in it, but they say it will move to Windows Workflow Foundation.;1684931305


.NET Framework 3.0 Customer Evidence

We have started publishing case studies for the upcoming release of the .NET Framework 3.0. This will be added to as we move through the release and launch activities. You may have noticed also that the WinFX developer center on MSDN has finally gone away. This name was changed / merged with .NET Framework…


Pluralsight Training course on WF coming up in Minneapolis

If you are looking for professional training on Windows Workflow Foundation have a look at Pluralsights upcoming 4 day course next month in November 2006. You can find a wide variety of Windows Workflow Foundation training listed at


New .NET Framework 3.0 training e-Clinics from Microsoft Learning

Microsoft Learning has just released online e-clinics for .NET Framework 3.0. These 2 hours premium e-clinics cover the new capabilities in .NET Framework 3.0. There is a course on Windows Presentation Foundation, one on Windows Workflow Foundation and one on Windows Communication Foundation. Each course has several different kinds of new interactive learning formats. These…