My .NET Framework 3.0 RC1 Install Instructions

The various bits for .NET Framework 3.0 RC started being released on Monday. They are all available on the download servers now so here's my install list for setting up a development environment for .NET Framework 3.0 RC. There is also an updated Go-Live license available for this release and you are recommended to upgrade.

You may wish to read the associated README which includes important uninstall instructions for previous builds of .NET Framework 3.0. We also have a guide to migrating code from WF Beta 2.2 to WF in this RC.

I have a Windows Vista RC machine and a Windows XP machine which I've installed these on. It's also the same install on Windows Server 2003 if you use that as your development environment.

Finally, check out samples on the community site for .NET Framework 3.0 and read what we have on MSDN.

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  1. Riporto, dal blog di pandrew, una breve guida per l’installazione di .NET 3.0 RC1: You may wish to read

  2. With the various RC bits starting to get posted there have been a lot of questions about how to set up…

  3. Excellent – thank you Paul!  The complex matrice of framework component interdependencies (and hidden breakages for other stuff like VSTO etc) is a nightmare to manage and can add hours to trying to do a simple demo, after tracking down a assembly left behind after a poor uninstall etc.

    We’re really looking forward to taking WF to the market, and adding business value with it to both new and existing applications/solutions.


  4. Via Thom. Windows Vista RC1 arrived recently.  This is a big milestone towards the final release…

  5. 前幾天 Moli 一直和我問到,為什麼 3.0 中的 WCF 與 WPF 以前在 beta 狀態還有開發工具的整合功能,現在都沒有了,我一直不怎麼重視這個 問題,因為我目前的重點放更多在WF架構上,其他就只是和他閒聊帶過……

  6. Joe says:

    So I installed all the items, in order, as you linked them but in VS.Net 2005 I get WPF templates, but not for WWF…

  7. Maurice says:

    Nice stuff 🙂

    Had a bit of a problem with the install though. See my blog post for the problem and the solution.

  8. timvw says:

    I download all the installation files on my desktop.. For some reason every time i started the ‘Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation RC5(EN).exe’ the installation dialog box for .Net SDK appeared…  When i moved the installer file to a different directory and launched it again, i finally got to see the unique WWF installer dialog 🙂

  9. aegnor says:

    I had a problem trying to install "Orcas".  It error out with a message that a prerequisite is missing, namely .NET Framework 3.0; however, I do have it installed.

    Any suggestions?

  10. Just completed an overview session for some of our UK partners – and promised to quickly share the links

  11. Este post de Paul Andrew contiene enlaces a todo lo que necesitas para jugar con el .NET Framework 3.0

  12. Here are good instructions on how to install RC1 for the .NET Framework 3.0:

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