Six Microsoft Products Building on Windows Workflow Foundation

Here are six Microsoft Products that are building on Windows Workflow Foundation. You can too download the developer tools and SDK now.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, in public beta now and planned for release in October: Providing workflow for the next version of Office.

A new management product code named System Center “Service Desk” will be delivered in the second half of 2007. This product will be using Windows Workflow Foundation and Office 2007 products as a basis for automating IT across people, process and technologies and will include a core set of software automated Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) process workflows as part of the solution.

Microsoft Speech Server 2007 has just been released as a public beta and is built on Windows Workflow Foundation.

BizTalk Server v.Next: Providing the foundation for the next generation Business Process Management technology.

Microsoft Identity Integration Server: Providing workflow for MIIS 3.5 to manage user account provisioning. See this article.

Microsoft Dynamics products are building on Windows Workflow Foundation for future releases.

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    Previously I’ve posted about customers engaging with the WF TAP program . TAP is Technology Adoption

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