Scientific use of Windows Workflow Foundation

I can't read the paper but the abstract looks very interesting. A method for analysing large volumes of data using Windows Workflow Foundation.

[Edit: Kenji Takeda has kindly published the paper so you can read it. The link is the third item in Related Publications and Talks]

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  1. razi says:

    hi paul its quite pain full that one cant read the paper its like you can see the candy in store but can’t taste it.

  2. Kenji Takeda says:

    Glad the abstract made it sound interesting. You can download the whole paper (for personal use only, subject to usual IEEE copyright restrictions) from my website at

    This is one of the first publications from the new Microsoft Institute for High Performance Computing at the University fo Southampton, which I happen to be co-director of. The new institutes were announced by Bill Gates last November.

    We’re currently writing a Windows Workflow for designing futuristic airliners too, as part of our Future Flight competition for youngsters @

    We’re doing lots more cool stuff with WF. As they say, you ain’t seen nothing yet <g>.

    Enjoy 🙂

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