Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2.2 Released Today

A new Beta version of Windows Workflow Foundation was released today. If you are building a workflow-enabled application and you should upgrade.

Update: We have a good list of changes published between Beta 2 and Beta 2.2. You'll want to get this if you are upgrading between these two versions.

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  1. Markus says:

    Hi Paul,

    we are currently working on a product which uses WWF.

    So I have signed the go live license of WWF.

    At the moment we are using the golive version.

    Can / Should we change to beta 2.2 ?

  2. Une nouvelle version de Windows Workflow Foundation est disponible depuis aujourd’hui, source Paul…

  3. Thanks to Paul I’ve noticed that new WF beta bits are available.  Check them out!

  4. John Portnov says:

    What are the changes between WWF Beta 2.0 and Beta 2.2 release?

  5. Office12 Tester says:

    Office 12 SharePoint Beta 1 Refresh asks for build 3.0.6303.6, but WWF Beta 2 is 3.0.6303.4 and Beta 2.2 is much higher.   Where is 3.0.6303.6 found?

  6. Henrik Dahl says:

    Does this release imply that there’ll be no WinFX March CTP, which of course is a bit sad?

    Best regards,

    Henrik Dahl

  7. Riley says:

    Paul, can you point to some doc that describes changes from beta 2 please?

  8. poppyto says:

    One installated…I could not create new project other than WorkFlow project ! (WinForms and others have disappear !!). I resolve the problem as it :

    1 . delete the ProjectTemplatesCache and ItemTemplatesCache directory

    2. go to ProjectTemplates and ItemTemplates and copy the workflow’s zip into the "1033" directory.

    3. Then I launch devenv /installvstemplates

    And All was ok. I don’t understand why this bug occurs ? I have a VS2005 Pro Version.

  9. Hi Paul. A week has passed till the new bits are out. I saw that there are also some changes that effect workflows build on beta 2.0. It would be nice if you provide changes document as you did for beta 2.


  10. Nezdeboeuf says:



    The march showers keep one’s promises, articles about Windows Workflow Foundation…

  11. Phillip says:

    I’m getting the following message when trying to install beta 2 on a 64big windows xp machine:

    Max only runs on Windows XP Service Pack 2. You can install Service Pack 2 from Windows Update. This version of Windows includes many useful security features (besides Max compatibility).

    Any ideas?

  12. John Minker says:

    I installed the Beta 2.2 version and this statement no longer works

    Dim workflowRuntime As WorkflowRuntime  = WorkflowWebRequestContext.Current.WorkflowRuntime

    Any ideas??

  13. Nezdeboeuf says:


    The march showers

    keep one’s promises, articles about Windows Workflow Foundation are…

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