Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation – C# Samples for WF Beta 2

If you are reading the book Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation here are the code samples in C# for Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2.

There are no samples for chapter 5 because the data activities described in this chapter are no longer part of Windows Workflow Foundation.

[Update: we added chapter 10 samples]

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  1. craigt says:

    Paul, any idea when you might be publishing a revised book covering beta 2 or 2.2 or the final release of WF?


  2. fanse says:

    I have a problem when working with a document approval workflow.Our app is a web application.When a document is created,the owner will choose several department managers to get approve.Only after all these managers do the approve action during the time limit,the document’s state  will change to Approved.If one of the managers do the reject action,the document’s state will change to Rejected.If one manager don’t do anything during the time limit,the document’s state will change to be rejected.Which type workflow should I Choose,and how to design it,Thanks!

  3. M Lafferty says:

    Much of this zip is password protected. Is this intentional?

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