Tech·Ed New Zealand 2005 Dates Announced

Plan to be there, last year there were 1800 people, 75 speakers and 120 technical break out sessions. This year we have plans to make the event bigger and better.  We have published the dates to help you plan your attendance early.  If you need information about pricing for budgeting purposes you can contact me…


Windows Media Center Extender Trial

I took home a Linksys Media Center Extender overnight to try out last night.  This is a fantastic device which requires a Windows Media Center 2005 PC to work.  You can watch all the same media types with this device that are available to the Windows Media Center 2005 PC.  And this works at the…


Wellington .NET User Group Meeting

Great meeting tonight with Nic Wise presenting.  And tonight was the first meeting after 15 months of using the Microsoft building on Lambton Quay that I got the air conditioning override to work.  So the meeting was nice and cool.  I took a couple of photos on my Smartphone i-mate SP3i at the meeting. Poor photo…

MapPoint Web Service now includes New Zealand

The MapPoint Web Service now includes data for New Zealand. Here’s an article describing the changes in the release that has just occurred. See also the MapPoint Developer Centre and you can get a 12 month free subscription as an MSDN Subscriber.  Go to the MSDN Subscriber web site, log in and look under the “Cool Offers”…


Blogging? Or just writing words?

If you’re blogging with .Text I thoroughly recommend reading Josh Ledgards guide on CSS and adding some style to your blog. I’ve spent a few mintues and made some “improvements” to my blog.


Internet Explorer printing on A4 Paper

I reinstalled my PC recently and I’d forgotten about this. If I print from Internet Explorer at least in New Zealand when using A4 paper I usually see the text jaggedly cut off on the right of the page. It tries to print too much text over to the right and the result is pretty unreadable….


Welcome Sean McBreen

So my manager at Microsoft is Sean McBreen and he’s just started blogging. <Here’s where I say something silly about him and get into trouble>  – nope better not.  Sean is a great guy, make sure you add him to your RSS feeds.

TV Tuning in New Zealand

I found this site today, useful for setting up your Media Center system. It lists all the TV transmitters around New Zealand with frequencies. I also got this link for a silent PC Power Supply. My HTPC is way too loud, maybe this would be worth trying.


Small Earthquake in Wellington

This morning there was an earthquake in my home town. No damage at home, but a couple of poorly balanced things on my book case at work fell to the floor. No damage has been reported anywhere from the quake but it was widely felt. Here are the details: Local Time 7:56am, Date 21st Jan…

TechEd New Zealand Speaker Call

Charles Sterling is the content owner for TechEd New Zealand and Australia this year. He’s asking for community involvement and suggestions of sessions that we present. If you are interested in presenting, or you just want to suggest a session, please review Charles’ TechEd 2005 web site and leave him a comment on it. TechEd New…