Steven Sinofsky blogs about Windows Workflow Foundation

Steven Sinofsky’s blog is all about building your career and he writes some really interesting posts on it.  Recently he talked a bit about how Office 12 will implement document workflow as an example of the way that product managers in the Office group shape the future direction of the software products.  I’m a product…


New Article about the Windows Workflow Foundation Persistence Store

Jesús Rodríguez is a BizTalk Server MVP and he’s just started writing about Windows Workflow Foundation.  He’s promising to write more so check out his first article on the persistence service as used by the Windows Workflow Foundation runtime.


Build a workflow in Word

I’m here on day 2 of the BPI+W Conference. Using VSTO Mick Badran has built a workflow designer inside of Microsoft Word.  This is an interesting idea which would allow a user to potentially write a word document and create a workflow that handles some collaboration on that document all in the same user interface….


All the Windows Workflow Foundation content from the PDC

The PDC keynotes including workflow are now online.  Eric Rudders keynote includes the announcement of Windows Workflow Foundation and a demo on stage by Dennis Pilarinos.  Following that Steven Sinofskys keynote includes the announcement of Office “12” which includes document workflow based on Windows Workflow Foundation.  All of the event keynotes are available here. The…


Join the Windows Workflow Foundation team

Like Windows Workflow Foundation?  Scott Woodgate just posted this job advert for a co-worker for me in Product Management forWindows Workflow Foundation.  Follow the link if you are interested.  There are other jobs in workflow going here.  Search for workflow in Redmond, WA at the Microsoft careers site.  Not all of the search results are…


The Week of Workflow WebCasts has started!

I’m listening to the first WebCast on the Week of Workflow WebCasts.  It’s not too late to join if you read this blog entry in the next 15 minutes.  Listen to our WebCast on developing simple human workflow on Windows Workflow Foundation.  URL: This session will also be available in a day as recorded.


Everyone is talking about workflow

Paul Ballard at has just published a filmed interview that Scott Woodgate and I recorded the day before the Windows Workflow Foundation announcement.  You can see the glass elevators behind us on the outside of the hotel where we filmed the interview. Check out blogs from David Chappell and Dino Esposito.  They have written introductory articles…


PDC 2005 Windows Workflow Foundation Sessions PPTs

The PPTs from the Professional Developers Conference are all online.  Here are the links to the Windows Workflow Foundation sessions. COM210 Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation – Bill Devlin & Paul Andrew COM318 Developing Rules Driven Workflows in Windows Workflow Foundation – Jurgen Willis COM322 Developing Event Driven State Machine Workflows in Windows Workflow Foundation – Pravin…


People using Windows Workflow Foundation in the Technology Adoption Program

Windows Workflow Foundation is a new piece of Microsoft platform technology that can be used to build workflow enabled applications. Microsoft is redefining workflow by incorporating it into a mainstream development platform and making it a broader technology by supporting human and system workflow and incorporating flow based, rules based, state based and data driven workflow all across…


Workflow Enabled Services from the PDC

I sat through a most enjoyable and very interesting session just before by Don Box and Dharma Shukla. Workflow Enabled Services are cool. Though I did notice they spelt Fabrikam incorrectly in the demo. My friend JB blogged about it also here.