Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 1 for Visual Studio 2005 RTM

We released Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 1.2 today.  As described on the download page, this release is primarily as a pre-requisite for certain parts of Office "12" beta 1.  In terms of functionality there's no difference between Beta 1 and Beta 1.2 but they require different versions of the .NET Framework.

  • Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 1 requires the .NET Framework 2.0 Beta 2

  • Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 1.2 requires the .NET Framework 2.0 RTM

The upside is if you now have Visual Studio 2005 RTM you can use this download to try out Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 1.  Also with this release you can see the workflow runtime is separated from the SDK and tools in two downloads.

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  1. Orand says:

    Great news! Just a small nitpick: please make installers that let you specify the install location by typing in the path textbox so I can easily change from C:Program Files to D:Program Files. The WWF VS2005 installer displays the path in a read-only textbox. When I go to change the path, a dialog pops up with the path in yet another read-only textbox, and I would have to manually navigate to the D: drive and click the New button multiple times, manually naming the folders each time. Lame! Sic your usability experts on this. 🙂

  2. Pieter says:

    Any news on progress of the rest of WinFX to support VS2005 RTM?

  3. Did you guys skip "1.1" to avoid confusion regarding .NET 1.1? If so, we did that with our versions, too.

  4. Bon c’est décidé, je vais m’y mettre.

    Maintenant que mes machines sont définitivement propres avec la…

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