Architecture WebCast This Morning – Windows Workflow Foundation

This morning I joined Rob Jacobs and John Evdemon for a discussion of Windows Workflow Foundation for Software Architects.  We completely ran out of time and I hope we get to do another session where we can discuss the scenarios that we had planned.  You can watch the recording of this first quite entertaining session here

Comments (2)

  1. Ben says:

    What happened to the Q&A part of the webcast? the last 10 minutes or so are nothing but dead air…

    I was on the webcast yesterday and asked about dealing with dehydrated workflows after you’ve upgraded your workflow. You mentioned a change tool, but I missed part of the answer.

    The question is,

    If you have a workflow (v1) and then you change the workflow and recompile (v2), how do you handle the long running v1 workflows that were dehydrated?

    What happens when they are rehydrated? What’s the most gracefull way to handle this?

  2. Paul Andrew says:

    I’ll investigate why the webcast got cut off.

    Workflow models are for purposes of versioning should be thought of as .NET assemblies. In your example the workflows that are dehydrated as V1 will continue to execute as V1 workflows. You can modify this behaviour by using the workflow change API’s in Windows Workflow Foundation. Workflow change allows you to grab an executing (or dehydrated) workflow and edit it.

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